Hotels in trees

The less unexplored places left in our modern world, the greater the demand for nature and solitude and In this article, we’ve compiled some amazing hotels located in trees. You can’t think of better places to be one with nature and quiet reflection.

1 Treehotel, Harads

The hotel is located in northern Sweden in Lapland. The hotel rooms are surreal metal structures covered in mirrored glass. The structures are set around a tree and reflect the surrounding nature.

2 Manali Tree House Cottages

The hotel is located in the Kulu Valley in hot India. The main attraction of the hotel is one of the buildings made in the form of a tree house. Surrounded by orchards and lush tropical vegetation, it creates a sense of fairy tale.

3 Hôtel Châteaux Dans Les Arbres

This hotel is located in the village of Dordogne in France. The hotel owes its name (translated as “Castle in the Trees”) to the three castles in the trees that make up the complex.

4 Hapuku Lodge Hotel, Kaikoura

Located in New Zealand on the South Island. The hotel rooms are 10 meters above the ground in the crowns of the tea trees. From such a height you have a marvelous view of the mountains on one side and the ocean on the other.

5. Pezulu Tree House Game Lodge, Headsprout, South Africa

Located in the south of the African continent in Headsprout, South Africa. To the east of the hotel is the very famous Kruger National Park. The hotel itself is located inside the reserve and is perfect for safari lovers.

6. Tree House Lodge Hotel

The hotel consists of two-level tree houses and is located in Puerto Viejo de Talamanca, Costa Rica. The lodges are surrounded by real jungle and very close to the Caribbean Sea.

7. Chole Mjini Lodge

Located on Mafia Island in Tanzania.

Here you can travel back in time, feel like a real Robinson Crusoe and live in a tree house, a break from the hustle and bustle of the modern world.

8. Ariau Amazon Towers Hotel

Located in the state of Amazonas in Brazil on the right bank of the Rio Negro. Seven wooden towers are built in the thickest of the famous Amazon rain forests. All rooms are located on stilts at treetop level.

9. Treehouse Point Hotel

Located in Washington State, USA in an ancient forest, which is overgrown with ferns and moss. There are five treehouses on the property.

10. Saraii Village Hotel, Wir Awila, Sri Lanka

Located in the locality of Viravila in Sri Lanka. In Hebrew the name of the hotel means “the essence”. The owner of the hotel, who has an MBA degree in the USA, positions the hotel as a place for agro and ecotourism. She says she helps guests feel the essence of what it means to be a real Sri Lankan, as well as experience the true balance of nature and life.