Hotels in caves

Among the hundreds of thousands of hotels in the world on it is very difficult to choose something really special. For those who want to surprise themselves we have prepared a selection of hotels in caves.

1. Perivolas Hotel, Greece

Located on the volcanic island of Santorini. The hotel has 17 rooms, which are located in a three hundred year old grotto. Each room has a terrace, living room and kitchen. The rooms have a minimum of appliances, but each room has an extraordinary view of the sunset in the Aegean Sea. 

2. Museum Hotel, Turkey

Located in Cappadocia in an underground maze created by nature and time. The hotel is famous for the many artifacts of different cultures, which carefully collects and shows the guests the owner.

3. Hotel Cuevas La Granja, Spain

Paleolithic caves in the time of Julius Caesar became silver mines, and in the XV century the Moors hid here from the Christians. Now in one of them, near the town of Guadix, is Hotel Cuevas La Granja.

4. Pineland Caves Hotel, Lebanon

In this troubled region, the Pineland Caves Hotel gives what the locals miss most: peace and serenity. The igloos, clean air with the scent of pine trees, mountain views, horseback riding, and oriental hospitality guarantee an unforgettable vacation. Nothing disturbs the silence. And no one – children are not welcome at the hotel.

5. Desert Cave Hotel, Australia

The hotel is located in the town of Coober Pedy, which has long been a town of miners – miners of precious metals and stones. Because of the high temperatures and sandstorms, houses were cut right through the rock. And then from the house made a passage into the mine. Nowadays, such houses and mines are turned into hotels, such as the Desert Cave Hotel.

6. Beckham Creek Cave Lodge Hotel, USA

In the U.S. state of Arkansas in the Buffalo River Valley is the Beckham Creek Cave Lodge. The house is half in the rock and is hidden by dense greenery. The house accommodates no more than ten guests and is perfect for a secluded vacation with a large group.

7. The Boulders Hotel, A Waldorf Astoria Resort, USA

This hotel is also located in the United States, but in another state – Arizona. Among the rocks and cacti are cottages with swimming pools, restaurants, golf courses and tennis courts.

8. Hotel Sextantio le Grotte della Civita, Italy

In Basilicata in southern Italy, the caves have been transformed into a hotel while retaining their ancient appearance. There are practically no modern facilities, there is only a toilet and a bath. But even there the creators of the hotel have tried to preserve the look of the caves as much as possible. 

9. Kokopelli’s Cave Hotel, USA

Kokopelli’s Cave is carved into a rock near the town of Farmington, New Mexico. The hotel has only one room, but it is about 150 m2. It has all the amenities, but the place is not full of life. So people come here for peace and solitude.

10. Les Hautes Roches, France

This hotel is located on the banks of the river Loire. Its building is part of a mountain and used to be used by monks. The hotel owns a restaurant, a large garden, a swimming pool, and the meeting room is located in a cave underground.

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